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Holidays and Absences Software

No more paperwork and spreadsheets, let your workers manage their own holidays and absences.

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holidays absences software

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Holidays and Absences Software

You will no longer need to talk to your workers to manage their holidays and absences. From their profile, your employees can request their own absences and know how many vacation days they have left.

Team Calendar

Through the team calendar, managers and supervisors can easily consult the holidays and absences of all employees and review those that overlap. In addition to that, your employees will always know when their office partners will be absent.

team calendar
holiday policies

Holiday Policies

Set the type of policy, assign it to your workers and know at all times how many vacation days you have left for each one. You can also add or subtract vacation days separately.

Time off Supervisor

Managers and supervisors must approve or reject all employee absence requests. Each time an employee requests a new absence, we will notify the responsible people so that they can manage it.

time off supervisor
customized leaves

Customized Leaves

Can your employees work from home? Work during a vacation day? Missing work for personal reasons? Create different types of leaves and customize them to suit your company.